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Furniture is important to us, and there is furniture here and there in our daily life. But we may not know what kind of furniture is a better choice.

Chairs are necessities in our daily life, and when we buy them, we should pick the chairs with a proper height. We should know the length of our shank, then choose the chairs whose height should be less than the length of our shank about 1 centimeter. When we sit on chairs with such height, it will be quite convenient for us to move legs forth and back.

Pillow is another article common seen and used in our daily life, and the proper height of the pillow is also important to our health. We should know the length of our one-side shoulder, and the height of the pillow should be equal to the length of our one-side shoulder. When we are sleeping on pillows with such a height, our head will bend forth a little, then our neck muscle will be relaxed. But for the baby younger than one year old, its pillow should be lower than 6 centimeters. And for the old, the pillow should not be too high to avoid a lack of blood flow to their brains.

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Basic Knowledge

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